Tuesday, June 8, 2010

OUR Atlanta Trip (Lake Lanier)

As always I'm havin fun on a boat :)
This is Chris, he's just like me and loves to party!!

Sunset Cove was a pretty cool place on Lake Lanier, boats would pull up and waiters would serve u or u could drink ur own beer. Love it!

This is me, Chris, his wife Shannon and Tonya at a place called Stoney River Steakhouse. Probably had the best steak of my life there!

Pretty cool fish in the Georgia Aquarium, here's a large HammerHead Shark

Pic of just one of the many rooms with this kind of scenery

Crazy Sea Otters

Some weird Fish

HUGH Grouper!

Tonya and I at the Georgia Aquariam. Pretty dam big fish tank if u asked me! There were many tanks, this was just one
Tonya the next day of our flight. She was perty tired
BIIIG Yaht i was on. 40 feet and fast.
This is Tonya and her best friend from highschool Shannon. They had a great time together. It was nice to hear stories.
Me and my Schmoopy