Monday, October 5, 2009

CANCUN Mexico Trip

Tonya and I posin with the BIG margarita drink at Jimmy Buffets.
This was outside Margaritaville and we thought it would be fun to get a pick lol
Tonya and I in the "OCEAN"
This was the other Pirate ship lit up
Momma and the CAPTAIN. oooooooh
Tom and Carla in the Ocean
Me and the Bros
The Pirate ship we went on for dinner, it was cooler at nigth cause it lit up, pretty fun
Tonya and I on the balcony of the Presidential sweet. Pat and Kristy's freinds had rented it out for the week. It was pretty awesome and we partied up there for a few nights
Mi e Madre ( me and mom )
Here tonya is Parasailing. It was a ton of fun
The gang together to eat some din din.
Here is tonya with some friends she met LOL
Here's my buddy from the MASK
Brother and I,

Monday, June 22, 2009


Here we arrived in Cancun and were off to our destination, the Adventura Palace
This part of the hotel was Chad and I's favorite. A swim up bar.........bootiful :)
This was a view from our room, not too bad. Could do without the trees, lol

Tonya double fistin it!
Us in the sunset at Cozemel
The gang doin some Snorkelin! That was waaaaaaaaay fun in the cave! I am sooooo gonna do that again in October!
These are some of tonya and I repelling off a 75ft tower. It was a a little intimidating at first but was extremely fun once u did that first leap of faith backwards.

Another sunset, this time at Senor Frogs. Cool place with great margaritas.
For some reason or another everyone in Mexico LOVES Micheal Jackson. We went to a show at the hotel that had these guys performing his songs. Pretty fun actually and they were pretty good.

Tonya and I at one of the dinner spots, I LOVE ALL U CAN EAT PLACES, especially steak. I would order a KC strip and 2 Filet Mignons. That was fun
This was our last day there. we were all sad to go but got one last free meal in :) I can't wait to go back in October.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

MOMS DECK DAY 5.....DONE!!!!!!!

I gotter done folks! It took a couple more trips to Lowes, but she's done. The stair rails are in, the tops of the other rails were put in and I even cleaned up my mess, washed off the deck and put the furniture on there for good measure. Thanks again for everyones help, financially and physically. Couldn't have been done without it.
Here's Mom on her NEW deck sitting in her NEW deck furniture, She's happy and so am I.
Even got Dad to come out and celebrate the Decks first voyage. LOL

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


WELP, I'm almost done! Tom took off today and helped do the concrete step at the base so I can finish the steps tomorrow. Thanks again TOM!
Got all the solar lights on, the last of the decking boards and all of the ballasts. Basically all i got left is the steps and some 2x4 ledging on top of the rails.
I just wanted to say thanks for everyone that chipped in, it's been fun and glad this will be put to some good use. :) I'm sure Momma loves it. They left for Texas today but when she gets back she will have a fully functional deck, YEAH!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I decided to add some posts by the house so i dug two more holes and set them, i think i like that look better.
After i got most of that done Amy called and wanted to know if she could help. YES! Amy helped me with the cross members and we were able to jump to the deck boards pretty fast
She did great everyone and was actually a huge help with a lot of little stuff that takes ahwile by yourself but she chipped in. Here we are basically done with the deck boards, i need two more,dam THANKS AGAIN AMY!

Mom came back from her errands and we asked how high she wanted the railings and made sure she was satisfied with the work :). Then Tom showed up, YES! We set the railings so the ballasts could be put up. I chose some pretty ballast that have carvings, mom loved them. I left the ballasts in Tom and Amys hands and called it a day. I'll be back tomorrow morning. THANKS TOM!

I just wanted to get a picture of Tom and Amy working together..............ahhhhh.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Mom and Dad helped me put the first board up, THANKS MOM AND DAD! I then started on the holes for the posts. Luckily my friend let me borrow his post hole auger and it was done quite fast.
I called my buddy Robbie over and he helped me level out all the posts and make sure all my measurments were good. Thanks ROBBIE!

After all the concrete was put into the holes we made one last set of measurments and called it a day. I will go back on Tuesday morning and start putting in the cross member boards for the decking. It's coming along great.

Friday, May 22, 2009


This the beginning, mom held the jack hammer for me :)

It took a little over 2 hours for the top one and about 30 minutes for the bottom one but i gotter done. I have to get longer lag bolts though to install the 2x10x12

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Staples and Birthdays

These are my knee pics with my staples. They itch but will be fun to take out.

Here are the kids having fun at Rileys 4th Birthday party! They all looked like they really enjoyed the Scooby Moon Walker

Tonya saying.......No more fun! just kidding :)