Monday, October 5, 2009

CANCUN Mexico Trip

Tonya and I posin with the BIG margarita drink at Jimmy Buffets.
This was outside Margaritaville and we thought it would be fun to get a pick lol
Tonya and I in the "OCEAN"
This was the other Pirate ship lit up
Momma and the CAPTAIN. oooooooh
Tom and Carla in the Ocean
Me and the Bros
The Pirate ship we went on for dinner, it was cooler at nigth cause it lit up, pretty fun
Tonya and I on the balcony of the Presidential sweet. Pat and Kristy's freinds had rented it out for the week. It was pretty awesome and we partied up there for a few nights
Mi e Madre ( me and mom )
Here tonya is Parasailing. It was a ton of fun
The gang together to eat some din din.
Here is tonya with some friends she met LOL
Here's my buddy from the MASK
Brother and I,

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  1. Great pics!! What a fun time!! I liked the pics with you & Tonya at Margarittaville and Tonya w/ her "friends". HA HA!