Monday, May 2, 2011

Things i've done this year so far

This is me and My Schmoopy at Colorado
We both love snowboarding and always have a lot of fun
This is me on the lift as well, it's my evil
snowboarding look. I got lots of looks with this on.

We went up to Kansas City to this
Snow Resort. Didnt really think U could find something like
this around here but it was actually pretty cool.(That's me
in the middle there) I had a lot of fun and plan on going
back next year
Of course i got
to be in my sisters wedding and it was an awesome one at that.
Tonya and Amy pose here, she was also in the wedding.


  1. OMG you actually posted something!! I must have inspired you w/my latest post ;0)-

    Good Pics!! Love the ski mask!


  2. So happy you two were in the wedding! Love the pics. :-)